Apply for Cloth Diaper Assistance

If you are the caregiver of a young child and are struggling to pay for single-use diapers, we encourage you to apply to our program and try reusable diapers! With nearly half of all families in the United States experiencing diaper need, we believe cloth diapers are an important part of the solution.

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How does it work?

The Cloth Option’s free cloth diaper distribution program is available to qualifying families who complete the TCO application online or in person. Our program is available within the United States, U.S. Territories, and to U.S. Military families stationed abroad. We help families who are experiencing diaper need to switch to reusable diapers, by providing an initial loaned supply of cloth diapers.

Newborn diapers are distributed as a loan and must be returned to the program before the next size up can be provided. Larger sizes may be kept for as long as your family needs them, and then returned back to TCO.

Once you are able to build your own stash of cloth diapers, return the TCO diapers so that they can be provided to another family in need. This helps ensure that we can continue to expand the TCO network and help other families experiencing diaper need.

If you are already cloth diapering and have enough diapers to use cloth full time with daily washing, we are glad to provide you with support on your cloth diaper journey in the form of information and advice. Children who are three years old are approved only with accompanying documentation of medical needs resulting in extended diapering.

How many cloth diapers do I get?

Approved families receive a starting cloth diaper stash. Newborns receive 20 cloth diaper changes, infants 15 changes, and potty training toddlers 10 changes. This is enough diapers to use cloth full time with daily washing.

What kind of cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers distributed through this program may be new or gently used, and we work to include a variety of styles so that you can try them and see what works for you. We also try to provide a supply that works best based on your access to a washing machine.

Please note:

  • While we make every effort to honor your needs and wishes, we are not able to honor requests for specific styles, fabrics, brands, or prints/colors. We cannot guarantee a gender-matched package.

  • We currently provide diapers in sizes newborn, one size, and extended sizes (fitting 36 to 55 pounds). Extended sizes are available on a case by case basis. We cannot guarantee availability of cloth trainers, but will include them as “extras” if they are available. For children over three (3) years of age, we require proof of medical needs resulting in extended diapering.

How do I get the diapers?

If there is a TCO advocate nearby, they will contact you to schedule a time to give the diapers to you once you complete the application process. If you don’t live near a local TCO advocate, we will ship the diapers to you. Please keep in mind that our average estimated shipping cost is between $9 and $11 per package. If you are able to, please make a donation here to help cover shipping costs. Every little bit helps!

How do I apply?

You may apply online via the link at the bottom of this page, or if there is a TCO advocate nearby, you may be able to apply directly with them.

If you are pregnant or expecting an adoption or foster placement, applications will be reviewed no earlier than 45 days from the due date/expected placement. Diapers will be distributed within 30 days before the due date/expected placement.

Required Documents

To apply for a free cloth diaper supply from TCO, please complete the application and provide proof of address and proof of child(ren). If you are applying through your local TCO advocate, personal documents will be checked but not kept. Please answer all questions on the application completely and honestly, and read all of our terms and communications carefully.

Once your application and the required documents are submitted, we will contact you by email. Please make sure that your email address is entered correctly and that you check your “spam” folder for emails from and/or We are not responsible for errors/typos made on your application or failures of email systems.

Application requirements:

1. Application form. If applying online, complete the digital form linked below. If you are applying in person through a local advocate, you may print the paper application form and bring it with you, or ask the local advocate for a copy.

2. Proof of address. One document that shows the applicant’s name and address; acceptable forms include:

  • recent bill that is dated within the past 30 days;

  • a current lease or mortgage statement;

  • current homeowner’s, renter’s, or auto insurance policy;

  • any official letter or document from a state or federal agency that is dated within 30 days.

  • Drivers’ licenses are not accepted.

3. Proof of child. Documents must contain the child’s name and date of birth. Acceptable forms include:

  • birth certificate;

  • dated midwife/doctor/hospital documentation;

  • dated ultrasound with name (if currently pregnant);

  • social security card (please cover actual number);

  • foster placement or adoption certificate.

  • A picture or visual of the child is not accepted.

4. Proof of medical needs requiring extended diapering (if applicable). One document is required to verify need of extended diapering:

  • dated medical documentation of child's needs;

  • letter from the child's doctor explaining their condition and their diaper use;

  • Individual education program (IEP) from your school/educational agency that includes information about diaper use.

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