Replacing Cloth Diaper Snaps

A Simple Cloth Diaper Repair

Have you ever purchased a new or loved cloth diaper, and asked yourself, what happens if one of these snaps breaks? Or even came across some loved diapers that had broken snaps, and passed because you thought “that couldn’t possibly be fixed!” Well, I am here to tell you that it can be fixed, and you can do it yourself!

What will you need? Aside from the diaper that needs your love and care, you will need a KAM snap kit, which can be purchased online for roughly $30 (this should be a full kit, with press, awl/piercing tool, and MANY snaps), and about 5-10 minutes of time once the supplies are gathered.

It IS important to examine loved diapers for other signs of wear and tear that may retire them from daily wear (we typically recommend using these as swim diapers, if you can!). This will include checking the waterproof/water resistant lining of your diaper pocket/diaper cover for cracks, scratches, or holes. Any of these listed defects will interfere with their ability to keep moisture inside of the diaper and will likely cause leaks. You also want to examine and measure all elastic pieces to ensure that they are the proper size. It is typically recommended to replace any elastic that is stretched beyond 6” long to maintain proper fit around the baby's legs and lower back. I also like to gently stretch the elastic pieces a little, and if I hear the elastic “crack” that is my tell-tale sign to replace, as it has dry-rotted from age or improper storage over time.

Follow our video guide to discover how easy this diaper snap repair is, that will keep your diaper stash active for years to come!